Behind the scenes

राजेश उत्‍साही: फिल्‍मों का शौक बचपन से है। दारासिंह की फिल्‍में बहुत देखीं। फिल्‍म देखता हूं मनोरंजन के लिए। ऐसी भी जिनमें दिमाग न लगाना पडे, और ऐसे भी जो दिमाग झझकोर दें। फिल्‍म समीक्षा में गहरी रुचि। रेखा, स्मिता पाटिल, विद्या बालन पसंद हैं। ‘गाइड’ कभी भी देख सकता हूं। 60 से 80 के दशक के गाने सुनता हूं।

Aajwanthi K Baradwaj: I enjoy watching films, just like most people do! Video is a very powerful medium that can be used for storytelling, to spread awareness, to make the audience think or sometimes just entertain. I am not much of a reader and hence prefer watching films, documentaries and TV shows to make sense of things instead. 

Mujahid: I love the boundless world of imagination.Movies offer that. This is the reason I am mad about them. 
Cinema theaters don't attract me much, maybe only for action movies.I do not like going alone to the theaters.
The list of my favorite movies is long but Matrix, is one I cannot stop watching over and over again. I feel people can learn a lot from movies, especially children.