Thursday, 8 December 2011


A big hello to everyone who has stumbled upon this blog. It is often stated that Bollywood does not address the issue of learning and education enough. This blog has been put together to showcase some of the Hindi movies and songs that touch upon issues around education and learning. This is a must-watch/hear list for teachers, students, anyone who is involved in work related to education and of course for anyone who is interested.

We have arranged the movies as per their date of release, beginning from the newest ones. There is a poster of the film followed by a description of the plot of the film. There is basic data about the movie as well (Year of release, actors, director, music director etc.). There is a section after this which critiques the movie while sighting what educational issues it touches upon and a small video clip to get a sneak-peek at the look and feel of the same. 

There is room for discussion so please come, view, discuss and enjoy!